Body Balance Challenge 2020

Get the healthiest body you've ever had with the Body Balance Challenge that is completely redesigned for this year!

Starts Monday, September 28th

The BBC has been completely redesigned this past year! In addition, we have also reformatted it and we will no longer have live classes. All classes will now be pre-recorded and available online to access on your own.

Here's what the Body Balance Challenge 

8-Week Program will do for you...


BBC gives you the change and improvement you want! & BBC provides you with the tools and strategies you need to sustain these changes for the long term



Fat Burning Nutrition Plan

Body Balance Challenge (BBC) gives you a highly structured, highly personalized 8-week nutrition program -- no more guesswork about how to get the weight loss, fat loss and fitness results you want in the shortest time possible. You will also receive the most effective exercise program to work synergistically with your nutrition plan.


BBC gives you small group and one-on-one hands-on coaching and hard-nosed accountability from me personally -- installing into your mind and your life the fitness and nutrition habits for radical and rapid improvement. BBC gives you a hard target to shoot for. We are not the least bit interested in moderate, lukewarm, plain vanilla results. This is about dramatic, body transforming, life changing 8 weeks.


Social Support

BBC gives you social support from the other participants -- all hand-selected by me to insure compatibility and desire that matches your own. Together, as a team, we move forward (there is awesome power in this synergistic small group experience).



But most of all, BBC gives you new confidence each and every day that you are taking full and complete control over your health, fitness, body and life. That confidence snowballs and compounds with each passing day - with each personal victory. You come out the other end after just 8 weeks with a new body, a new outlook, new passion for life...and a completely new and better person, in every way.


BIG Pay Out

BBC gives you a big reward for your efforts even beyond the physical and emotional changes you will make. I will select one Challenger from the small group who makes the most significant improvement, and award that person with $700 in free training with the experts at Spectrum. There will be other prizes awarded as well, in a variety of categories.


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I Will Pay You $700 in FREE Training to Get The Best Looking, Best Performing Body You've EVER Had...And I'll Do It In Just 8


Meet some of our satisfied clients...


Lost 53 lbs of fat, and 10% body fat


Lost 30 lbs of fat and 4.5" off her waist


Lost 42 lbs of fat, lost 4.5" of her waist, and lost 13.4% body fat

WARNING: Only 15 People Will Be Accepted Into The Body Balance Challenge.

Registration For the September 2020 session is now open.

Cost: $700 

(2 installments of $350 if you continue after the first meeting)


Deadline to register is September 25th! 

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